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Location:New York, United States of America
I'm Nick, a masculine of centre genderqueer dude living in Western New York with an intent to head off to the Pacific Northwest sometime in the future. This is one of several of blogs that I keep on a variety of websites all over the place. I'd link to them, but I'd like to keep them separate from this one. There are several things you should know about me, but we'll get to that all in a minute.

This journal is put under an age filter for language and sexuality because of the occasional usage of profanity and sexual themes. So, that's a warning for anyone who might be interested in reading this.

Here are some important points, which are sort of the rules for reading this journal.

  • I am an intersectional feminist. If your feminism isn't intersectional, it is rubbish.

  • I don't support TERFs, TWEFs, or Truscum.

  • I write on occasions, but very little of it makes it online, alas. I'm trying to get better about this, because I really need to be doing it, honestly.

  • I'm a high school drop out. I stopped going in my Senior year (which some people would probably think is a bit of a waste), but it was the best thing for me at the time. Please don't harp on about how education is essential and all that. My educational experience wasn't the greatest, due to a number of circumstances.

  • I'm omnisexual, which means that I like people no matter what a that person's gender is. It's the personality of an individual that turns me on, not what happens (or doesn't happen) to be in their pants.

  • I'm a bit of a hermit. For the most part, I try to be social, but there's no guarantee that it's going to happen. Social situations are draining, and it takes a while for me to recharge.

  • I'm transgender, pre-transition (no hormones, no surgery). My pronouns are masculine or neutral (He or They), which I expect to have honored. Calling me by female pronouns will get you corrected, and if you continue, it will get you told off.

  • A lot of times, I use my journal as a place to vent my frustrations. Sometimes, I find myself in a situation where saying what's on my mind may not result in the best possible outcome, so I use blogs to do that.

  • I live with depression and am being medicated for it.

  • I support self diagnosing. Not everybody has acces to safe and compassionate health care and sometimes, it's all people have.

  • I follow the spiritual path of Paganism. I have nothing against the Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Judaism, Bahai faith, Islam and other monotheistic faiths), or the majority of people who follow them. But, understand that I have just as much right as you to follow my faith as you do to follow yours. Please respect that. This is a proselytization-free zone.

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